Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer Solstice

Week before last I was in Miami for my company's annual sales meeting. I lead the planning and execution this year, and it turned out to be a great event!! I have received great feedback and compliments, next year will need to be bigger and better and I am already dreaming big! Next up for work I am headed to Los Angeles and New York. It seems I will be traveling one week a month for work and I am planning monthly weekend trips with Jack so he can start seeing the world. Our first trip will be to the Comal River in New Branufels, Texas for the annual 4th of July river trip. I didn't go last year, I went to Costa Rica instead, so I cannot wait to get into a toob and introduce Jack to the river.

Jack turned 8 months last week, and moved into the older infant class. He is going to walk any time now, he walks with the help of anything he can find and has out grown many of his toys already. We're saving them though to share with the many friends who are expecting their own little joys in 2010. Lily joined Jamie in March, Liz will have Frank in July, Gina is due to have Mallory in October and Tisa and Teresa will close out the year with their little ones too. It has been a busy two years for babies, I will know 14 babies born to friends in just a little over a year!

The Petting Zoo is trying to beat the heat by staying inside these days. Laney is always at my side, but it is nice to have the kitties in doors a little more. Laney continues to chase the cats non-stop, however Pela is becoming more tolerant of her and has decided to venture out of the closet, where she has lived for near two years.

This summer will be a busy one with the various trips, vists from friends, parties and the planning of Sarah's wedding which I am looking forward to digging into this week!

Hope life finds you all happy, healthy and enjoying your summer!

LL, Jack & The Petting Zoo

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  1. Enjoyed "summer solstice". Still have a box to send, sitting on my kitchen floor-surprise-surprise! Life sounds busy and that is a good thing. Love you. K